One on one workshops

are possible with pandemic

precautions in place


Want to construct

your own woven twig

garden structure?


Written instructions

with drawings and photos are available.


Contact me via email at:


Trying to recreate an #MetisSash by weav

Recent Commission

Just mailed this sash off to Madawaska. It is a woven attempt to replicate a Métis finger woven sash that appeared during the fur trade, 


Eloise, happily weaving on the barn

frame loom at Boothbay Railway Village. 

19.Perrine,hut winter.JPG

Spiral Twig Garden Sculpture

Woolwich, Maine

8 x 6 feet

  • Barn Loom Restoration
  • Instagram
  • The Susy Factory
  • Susan Perrine

Woven Twig Garden Sculpture  

Troy Howard School, Belfast, Maine 

10 x 6 feet